Poking the Bear

I've been on for about a month. Before that, I hadn't blogged in over a decade. I wanted to find a minimalistic platform that was customizable, supported custom domains, and it had to have some kind of community feed.

I'd been looking at for a couple months at that point. I still didn't know much about it, but it seemed a little like Tumblr circa 2012 if it was less focused on images and more on text posts.

So I started a trial and really liked it. It feels like older versions of Mastodon but with the added feature of having your own customizable web page instead of a normal social media profile.

I obsessed over my CSS for a couple weeks and came up with a layout I really liked, using the Tiny Theme:


After my focus shifted from the design to the stuff I was posting, I realized I'm not great at shortform posts. I don't really post a lot of opinions on products or quick comments on something that's going on in the news. I'm also not really big on posting diary entries of my daily life, either.

I realized I don't have a lot in common with a the people I've found on the Discovery feed so far. My feed is mostly tech guys and developers, though I have found a handful of good blogs I've been following.

I know I haven't been there long but I just don't feel like I fit in that great...

I'm really just a punk ass stoner who grew up and ended up in a boring sales job with lots of free time throughout the day. I like posting meaningless ideas and observations on life. I'm like a shitty Jerry Seinfeld, although I don't blame the downfall of American sitcom television on Wokeness™

I just like to talk about stuff I think about. That's what this blog is about. And I'm really glad I found Bear! I like the simplicity and the fact that there's no emphasis on coming up with shortform content that looks good on a timeline. I'm going to try it for my longer format stuff and if I really get the hang of it, maybe transfer my domain over from in a month or so.