Blood isn't everything

A lot of people have estranged family. Especially in the queer community. There's no official handbook on this stuff.

Some people have a Norman Rockwell picture of a family, some people don't know how they made it out of that household alive. Sometimes it's not that obvious; maybe from the outside it does look like a perfect, picturesque family but behind closed doors it's like living in boot camp.

Or maybe you grew up being best friends with a sibling or cousin and then once you reach adulthood, you drift apart and don't talk for a decade. That's okay. You have no obligation to stick around a bunch of people you don't vibe with just because you share some DNA. Life is short and you don't owe anyone your time if the benefit isn't mutual.

It's fucking awesome if your family accepts you for who you are and supports the things that make you feel happy and valid. But so many of us grew up in dysfunctional families and had to deal with unhealthy, repressive relationships so bad we were afraid to admit who we really are until we got to a safe distance. If you find yourself in that situation and you're conflicted about being yourself vs disappointing your family, they're not your family.